Mobile UI designers vs. Web UI designers: Fight!

Daily I am reminded of how different our worlds are.

A frustrated question I have:
How can mobile UI designers so staunchly refuse UI norms and paradigms from a field that has, over the last 10+ years, run circles around them with constant rapid design iteration and instant direct user feedback?

How often do I hear designers from a mobile background say things like “oh but users won’t get that!” Really? Have you tried it? “Yes we user-tested a quick Flash prototype during production some time ago.”

Uh. Ok. Did you actually test it out in the real world? Have you ever actually played with it in a functioning prototype? Have you interacted with users on a feedback forum, in blog comments, or in person at a conference?

That’s nothing compared to the organisational differences inherent in the two types of production. From what I have seen so far, designers and devs and management from the mobile side live and die by super detailed “spec documents”, strict processes and even stricter timelines. (To be fair, this is because they’ve been tied to the unforgiving schedule of the production of physical devices which their products are tied to.)

There’s alot of talk about WRT vs. Native SDK for mobile UIs, but is anybody looking at the very difficult design culture clash between practioners of each? It took a few weeks for me to realise the huge black holes, the unknown unknowns, between us in our communications. Way off assumptions from both sides.

“You need to spec the height of this box.” (Web designers will feel the pain here…)

And let’s not even speak of desktop UI design. God forbid you bring up a UI element we all use everyday in our web browsers.