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don't think just start

don't think just start

Over my desk at home. Left by mike durcak


You know what? This is the exact issue that I've been fighting with for years - getting so keen to get it right that you don't ever get it done. I do a lot of prject management professionally and with alkl the sturctures in place and established procedures it is easy to get up and get going, but starting on a blank piece of paper at home was not so easy even though the project was much simpler.

A few years ago I changed my tack - I needed to extend my house. Inflation was flying and materials were getting shorter. I had no idea how much I would need of what, but I knew I would need bricks, cement, sand and stone.

Guess what? I ordered arbitrary quantities, even before I had a plan drawn up (I knew what it was I basically wanted) and by the time I had finished the project it was the most successful project I have ever managed - albeit a simple one - because it all just happened - as I needed things, I bought them, and as I needed to do things I did them. Not a good method if the project is complex, but by the time I had finished I couldn't believe how quick and successful it was. Why? because I stopped thinking and just started!

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