March 16, 2003 13:28 | Stories


Mmmm... I just opened a new package of Lavazza coffee grinds and made myself some with my stove-top espresso maker. I usually only make myself coffee on weekends, so one of these freeze dried packages tends to last me for quite a while. This causes a problem, especially since I had forgotten that one should NEVER freeze coffee.

That's right, I've been making myself a cup of swill every sunday for the last few months.

Taking all of this into consideration, I've decided no more Lavazza vacuum-packed for me. It just takes too long for me to go through and I can't adequately store it to keep it fresh. From now on, small baggies from Vielle Europe it will be.

Now, i left my smokes at the bar last night; I can't tell if the shakes I am experiencing at the moment are caused by nicotine withdrawal or the two cups of oh so yummy espresso I just shot back...

Prolly both...