March 30, 2003 17:13 |


This is very interesting:

A "Xerocracy" is where YOU choose. Like a democracy, but no leaders are elected. Like a collective, but everybody's involved. EVERYBODY chooses and then the MASS DECIDES.
So how does it work? If you have an idea, put it on a piece of paper and photocopy it. Pass it around at Critical Mass and if enough people think it is a good idea, then it will happen, if people think its a bad idea, then it wont happen, but at least people have had the choice to think about it for themselves rather than having never heard the idea in the first place.

The site is a cyclist "thing", and they also speak of "Critical mass", which to them means a large group of cyclists. Amazing how they developed these concepts from cycling in groups! Phenomenology, government, society, culture... A microcosm!