July 25, 2003 23:23 | URLs


Well, cat's out of the bag. A bit early and a tad under the gun, but joi.ito.com 2.0beta1 is launched.

Joi Ito honored me with a request to help him clean up his weblog's look and feel and get it to validate. This launch is step one: i.e. I cleaned up *some* of the code and changed the stylesheets to make it look somewhat nicer. Also removed all (most?) table based layouts. (Bugs a need-a squashin'!)

I must re-iterate: this is STEP ONE. I know it doesn't validate. I know the side bar is a monster and it's information architecture is horrible. These things will be take care of. I promise.

We are requesting feedback/comments/suggestions on Joi's Wiki, if you are so inclined.

Joi, thank you again for this opportunity and privilege. I now have root on your server. Mehehehehe. ;)