August 28, 2003 12:19 | WebBlogging

Fuzzy navels

Joho the Blog: Self-Referential Blogging

David Weinberger says:

I think it'd be more accurate to say that blogs are conversational.

For a little while I agreed, and for a little while it was true. It still is a little true, but only for a little longer.

As the numbers increase, I think we may find ourselves again alone in a crowd. Sometimes having conversations, sometimes making chitchat, often speaking to ourselves.

Blogging is as much a conversation as masturbation is making love. Sleeping around, dating, abstaining and finding our one true swinger group can all be groanfully real analogies we could entertain.

(I am not saying masturbation isn't making love, I'm saying the many nuances of who/what/when/where and quality are all implicated.)