March 21, 2004 18:04 |

Smartlists please

A post I just left in Apple's Discussion forums:

Feature request here:
Smartlists. Like in iTunes.
Ratings. Also like in iTunes.

These features would be hugely useful in both the AddressBook and Mail.

For example:
In Address Book I could have a view (smartlist) of:
Contacts I have interacted with (be it via email or iChat) in the last n days/weeks/months, sorted by frequency.

In Mail:
Show me all emails I have not replied to, from people in my Address Book, in the last 7 days.

"Star" ratings, while debateable in their heuristic, would be an acceptable "weighing device".

These features would help stem off the rapidly approaching Complexity Ceiling many of us powerusers are begining to regularily bump our heads against.


Shall we hold our breath? ;)