March 23, 2004 17:14 |

IM and email and presence, oh my

Beware of geeks bearing 'presence' | CNET

Someday your PC will be able to tell minute-by-minute how others should communicate with you, based on where you are, what you're doing and who's trying to make contact. But for now, it would still be nice if you changed your instant messaging status when you go to lunch.

IBM heeds message to integrate IM, e-mail | CNET

In NotesBuddy, IM dialogs are stored in e-mail in-boxes, and people can search for them by subject or other classifications. The application can also automatically determine whether to send a note as a message or e-mail, depending on the present status of the recipient. Links to the company's phone system also exist.

*cough* Jabber? *cough*