December 21, 2004 23:49 | WebBlogging

ecto on special


In the spirit of Christmas, we are offering a special 30% discount on purchases of ecto between December 20th and 26th, 2004! Get it while it lasts!

If you blog, ecto is THE app for composing and managing your entries locally. Adriaan keeps adding awesome features without, amazingly enough, cluttering up the interface. If you're a novice or a power-user, ecto is super user-friendly and feature rich. A rarity.

Disclosure: Adriaan is a good friend of mine and as such I help him out where I can with ecto and related stuff as well as try to promote this great piece of software.

Update: Ado just pointed me to the original announcement of the birth of ecto and I realized it's already been a year!!! Bravo!
("Heh... only a year? Feels like eons...")