December 28, 2004 18:34 | WebBlogging

MT-Blacklist SNAFU

I just caught MT-Blacklist doing something really nasty. And I caught it doing it repeatedly:
When submitting a checkmarked list of comments from Movable Type's comments list to MT-Blacklist for processing, MT-Blacklist only properly grabs the first comment ID, and seems to go grab a totally random second comment from the database. In one test, I even submitted three comments, and only had 2 listed in Blacklist (the first being right the second being one from 4 months ago...)

This is VERY bad. I despam hundreds of comments a day on my various clients' weblogs. For me to accidentally delete valid comments is totally "not cool".

I've emailed Jay and hopefully we can figure out what the problem is. In the meantime, check your list twice... ugh, no pun intended.

(This was seen using MT 3.14 and MT-BL 2.03b)

UPDATE: Jay quietly released MT Blacklist 2.04b the other day. Looking though the files and sorting by modified date, I notice the changes made affect the link which appears in MT - the one you click on in Movable Type's Comments listing screen. I suspected the JavaScript it uses to be at fault for this nasty behavior, following my incorporating it the other night into a little project I am working on myself. Anyways, thanks Jay!

Note to self: read mt-blacklist forum announcements before saying silly things.
2.04b does not address the aforementioned issue. I just ran a diff to make sure. :p