October 7, 2006 14:24 | NewsPundit

"Oh Lord, thank you..."

Not really following this Foley stuff but thankfully Glenn Greenwald is.

What they are engaged in seems to be non sequitur after non sequitur, which they have been getting away with thanks to the artificially truncated memories of a media-breast-fed populace who's reporters (who report events and such) and journalists (who formulate supposedly educated opinions and analyses on events) have totally betrayed them in favor of little green pieces of plastic. (Plastic, not paper: America ceased being capitalist in the '80's; it shifted to a credit based economic system... everyone owes, everyone is an indentured slave to the system.)

Are we witnessing the further growth of a true, inclusive, fifth estate?

fifth estate
A class or group in society other than the nobility, the clergy, the middle class, and the press.

Considering the above exclusive definition, what could we call a group apart, but at once comprised of...