May 24, 2007 16:53 | Technology


IBM's Deep Blue beat Kasparov 10 years ago. I remember it clearly.

Apparently, today the average PC has more processing power than DB had, which is simultaneously surprising and not. I mean, we're used to hearing stuff like "the Americans sent a man to the moon with the computing power of a pocket calculator", but this is somehow "closer". Then again, ten years is a long time ago... or so it seems.

Anyways, best part of this interview with one of the developers of Deep Blue, Murray Campbell comes after being asked how's human intellect doing in the supercomputer-versus-humans battle (with a grain of salt: chess can be reduced to math is all any of this has proven but anyways):

WN: So we can live in harmony? Campbell: Absolutely. Very nicely.

Check mate, Dave. ;)