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Hotel de Ville
Juice counter
it was bound to happen
oh c'est haut
back on home turf
sunny downtown
room with a view
Dopplr homepage?
across the street
View of Canary Wharf from the Box
Finchley Road & Frognal station
bus and Royal Free Hospital, Hamstead Heath
Hamstead Heath
View from Boulangerie Jade
Boulangerie Jade
Belsize Park
Hackney, by the canal
somehow christmas-y
Croissanterie Figaro
'spresso please, Vito
ahh Jeanne Mance
oh look Aaron, tai chi!
or how about
Lennon assassination
Empire State
lookout breakfast
Delhi taxi stand chaos
narita transit
lineup at olympico
coin Chabot
Apple Store Laval
from Rachel
Blizz night
end of summer
something is missing
lele la luca
this not mine anymore
st-michael in the clouds
from top floor
rooftop party
somewhere else
Waiting 4 RoboCop
quick visit 2 china?
sunny lunch
closing time
The new stairs
"that'll be YOUR corner..."
Bleury @ Sherbrooke
UN university
saturday night
africa remix
Beautiful day
The Big Dig
Please advance to the next...
16th Floor
Times Square
@ Taisho NYC
Bye bye Toronto
Hey, where's the afterparty?
Harvard Square
Ganbatte kudasai
Laika in the snow
Cambridge Station
King's College
English countryside
Global Voices Summit
Frontline Club
Pearson Airport
Monk's Point
Ste-Catherine St.
Dad's old apartment
Really homey chinese resto
Cuisine Bangkok reborn
St-Laurent Blvd.
Harkness Commons
RSS Investors
Ile Ste-Helene
John Abbott College
Orange Julep
Cote des Neiges
On Ste-Catherine
Carre St-Louis
Parc Jeanne Mance and Mont Royal
Sunny Laika Afternoon
On the plane
Too early to BART
Leaving The Mission
San Francisco
660 3rd St.
Hello San Francico
Robert Zemekis Center for Digital
Venice Beach
The Pacific Ocean
Marina del Rey
More OHare
More OHare
Leaving Vancouver
Chicco Cafe
Balaclava St.
The Aftermath
La Cuvette
Corner of my office
Japanese Canadian Cultural Center
Ave. de l'Hotel de Ville
St-Laurent Blvd
Souk @ S.A.T.
Eaton Center 2
Eaton Center
Watching Us
Clinton wuz here
Oasis Diner
New England Sky
New England Dawn
Montreal at night
St Michael's
Place des Arts
Hydro Quebec
Place des Arts
College St.
American Apparel
Mount Royal
Cinema du Parc
14 Prince Arthur
Lexington Mass.
Madison Ave.
Apple Store SOHO
Avenue of the Americas
Wall of light
Noisy Diners
Times Square
48th Street
Boulevard Laurier
Cafe Olympico
Place des Arts
Bain Mathieu
Cuisine Bangkok
Cinema du Parc
Cabaret Mado
St-Laurent Blvd.
Closed indefinitely
Pho Bak J.T.
insane exchange
korean / japanese
concordia university
cat @ open da nite
on the road
traffic on the main
concordia u
plank office
beach volleyball
party @ 16tine's
chinatown gate
rachel & st-denis
the mountain
cuisine bangkok
mountain IRC
up the mountain
summit park
cinema du parc
jean-talon market
open da nite
Landing in Vancouver
Sayonara Japan
Narita Check-in
Au revoir, Tokyo
Leaving Jim & Yuka's
Goodbye Roppongi
Thinking of home
Shinjuku Evening
Bistro in Ebisu
Akasaka from above
Above Shinjuku
Shibuya at nite
Uplink Live
Chandelier Bar
Omote Again
Behind Shibuya
After another long night
Roppongi Hills
Back to Tokyo
Good Morning
Tokyo Station
Omote Sando
Daikanyanuchi Special
Overcast morning
Back in Hanzomon
Jogging around Palace
Rainbow Bridge
Tokyo Tower
Morena Bar
Shibuya Crossing
Pacific Hotel Garden
Sunny Morning
Impossible, not
Above Shibuya
HMV Shibuya
A-Bomb Dome