May 23, 2007 22:23 | things

my first new real bike ever

my first new real bike ever

I woke up this morning, the first really nice warm sunny summery
morning this year and, spurred on by bicycle fetishist friends,
decided I need a bike. A real bike. Once and for all. Today. Now.
Pronto. Esti.

Growing up I had a crappy department store pseudo BMX for myself and
access to a parade of various garbage family-shared touring bikes.
(Except for that one white women's 12 speed which my mother claimed
as hers.)

I never tinkered with the bikes and I was so subtly autistic that it
never even occured to me that they had any real differences. All I
knew was I didn't like em and that I had no choice: the village was 5
kilometers away. If I wanted to... do anything really, I had get on a
bike and go.

Anyways. Now I have this. A single speed light-as-a-feather street/
courrier bike. Trendiness be damned, it is bliss. The guy at the
cycling shop measured me up, adjusted it just so. We spent almost
half an hour tweaking the seat and handlebars.

Cannondale Capo + crankbrothers 5050x pedals (i'm not into putting on
special shoes to use my bike. I need to jump on jump off. This is
transportation not leisure.

Sorry Adam. Didn't mean to copycat you. For me, coming at this with
zero knowledge, I figured this particular model was a good place to
start learning. My next one will be a custom job from the ground up,
I can feel it. :p

By the way, that lock weighs about as much as the bike. It breaks my

Car? What car? ;)