November 2007 Archives
everywhere in town, toktok t
everywhere in town, toktok tok
everywhere in town, toktok tok
shadows of our former selves, castles in the sky
"If for any reason"
View of Canary Wharf from the Box
Doctorow and Jones, in a box
well, I think I may have my Friday sorted
Finchley Road & Frognal station
allonge & pain au chocolat
bus and Royal Free Hospital, Hamstead Heath
Anders and sashimi, Cafe Japan, Golders Green
sake chilled from the outside
I live in a bungalow
the view on the side of a van
pay Electra, the call girl
View from Boulangerie Jade
Bedroom window view
Massimo and Arduino
Uh, hello? PETA? yeah you won't believe this BUT...
"We're number one!"
Hackney, by the canal
it must be the shoes
somehow christmas-y
Entering Shoreditch
roast pork bun
future so bright
Pretty but not striking
Reuters, Canary Wharf
"repairs actually everything"
"repairs actually everything"
"repairs actually everything"
Apple Store, Oxford Circle
"where are you"
Blackheath Dystopian Apocalyse Fireworks
Jones, homemaker...
"feel like I'm nowhere"
Office TENGUuuu
Matt & Tom playing Portal
calm down. nothing to be alarmed of.
aren't these WMDs?