September 27, 2002 14:42 | Bits

General Tao's Chicken Balls

All of a sudden it isn't so flattering to have a dish named after you anymore...

1- chinese take-out boy

what's the differences between General Tao and General Tso expect the A replaced by a S?

2- Boris Anthony

Good question... I think it's the same... Although you know every place does it different too, I mean the recipe. The buffet I got dragged to yesterday called their breaded chicken sticky sauce balls "general tao" and what I would usually expect to be general tao, they called "crispy chicken with lemon".. so go figure.

I think Tau is simply the Canadian name-variant for the dish named Tso in the states.

I think it's because the A and the S are next to each other on the keyboard.

i don't see the difference. they both taste the same. i think they are the same thing just two difference ways to pronounce it .