October 13, 2002 23:55 | Bits


I tried to do this layout in CSS... I am a failure... Could not get the damn divs to align center. I hacked and hacked and hacked away at antipixel's code, but it just wouldn't do it for me. So tables and spacers it is. Ouan. ;)

So yeah, out with the red (wasn't really ME anyways) and in with this.

That picture up there? That's me and my dad fishing. :)

1- Boris Anthony

eeeek.. just noticed that in my haste to go drinking, I forgot to reword the "comment" window... damn... hopefully, if anyone reads this, it'll already be fixed.

I'm reading, it's not fixed. ;) Is that really your pop and you in the photo?

3- Boris Anthony

yeah.. got sidetracked.. and lazy.. and procrastination is also a factor...

yes that is myself and my pop. Weird huh? I have that pic on the shelf behind me here. Got up from the desk last thurday eveing and it struck me... WAITAMINUTE! ROWBOAT! HEY! OH! NICE!.

My mom came by while I was doing the design. She almost cried. ;)

This is a brilliant photo, B.

5- Boris Anthony

thank you naz :)