November 4, 2002 14:05 | Bits

Save MY money?

Ok... So I got an ING Direct savings account cause that dutch guy just so inspires confidence. Save YOUR money!

Anyhoot. Today I recieved my ING Direct debit card, sos I can get to MY money from any Interac terminal.

Check this out. The card has one of those holograms on it. The hologram is of a set of HANDCUFFS transversed with a bar, so as to look like a percentage sign % ... And of course, when you move the card the handcuffs open and close with a little flourish symbolising a "click" I suppose.

(I tried taking a picture but not only do I have the shittiest digital camera of all time, but I ain't much of a photographer to boot.)

Anyways, this all seems VERY strange to me and somewhat frightening... ;)

1- Boris Anthony

Talk about perspectives... Showed the hologram to a co-worker and he says: "Oh makes sense! You're set free from bad interest rates."

Duh. Of course.

Here i was thinking of bedposts and rubbersheets...