November 23, 2002 23:26 | Bits

Communication / Learning via patterns

Arranging data objects in a pattern.
Learning to speak/understand a language this way.
specific sound pattern = meanings
specific sound pattern -> reference of experience

(read out loud, sounding out each "aural data object" [syllable] slowly, repeat each line at least twice)

ning shoo rah
shoo ning rah
shoo rah ning
ning rah shoo
rah ning shoo

What am I talking about?

tchin ehl tcher kah vod
tcher vod ehl kah tchin
vod kah tchin tcher ehl

Yeah I think I need one... :)

Soooo.. you wanna learn an asian language eh? I'd venture to say it's easier than learning a "western" language using today's teaching methods.

Either way, do it quick: the future lies in aural-based communication technologies (i.e. language systems). Asian and African cultures are miles ahead of us.
Considering asia's socio-economic situation (take a step back and look at it with a wider angle... focusing to tightly on the present will tell you nothing), its communication technology (i.e. language system - I am NOT talking cellphones here) could easily become the global de facto standard within 3-4 generations. Its already begun.

Voice command computer software does sound pattern matching. Their limitations now are the associations to western writing systems. They should think stenography. Sound to symbol. Sound familiar? It should to anyone who reads chinese, japanese et al.

Ph33r my l337 sk1llz. (enlish haxxor speak... clumsy.. still using multiple symbols for syllables)
a+ (french Instant Message/SMS shorthand... much more elegant, no? Ah the french...;)

Hmm.. I need to look into muslim pattern-based art.
You know, God is in my wallpaper...