November 27, 2002 12:59 | Bits


Because sniffles asked for people's experiences with various degrees of insomnia... :)

I am one of these low metabolism people... If I don't keep myself in check I could possibly sleep my life away as a hunk of flesh comfortably ensconced in a duvet soaked cloud somewhere.

Ok maybe not, but I do have to keep on my toes. I learnt that over the last few years, and it has to do with level of stimulation. For me anyways. As mentioned in a posting further down, my summer was spent in high physical and spiritual activity: jogging, reading, socialising. My mind had turned mushy over the course of a non-intellectually-stimulating relationship. The combination of much running around and not thinking to darn much, meant I slept liek a king every night.

As autumn fell, my activities shifted to intellectual ones. This is where sleeplessness comes in.

"Normally" (hmmm... I'm unsure now what normal for me is or should be, but anyways) I can put myself "out" at will, more or less; give me a quiet room and a clear mind and I am snoozing in seconds.

That pretty much says it all. I am tossing and turning almost every night now until late. Some nights worse than others. I manage to discpline the ol'noggin most nights, without the use of drugs, alcohol or *cough* masturbation.. or any other such drastic interventions. (Drugs and booze just hop me up anyways... unless I pass out from abuse ... oh boy I can hear y'all snickering: "nice choice of words there B!" ... anyways, as i was saying, those things just rev up the RPMs higher.)

Here's the part that dumbfounds me and may shock many of you (like you're not shocked already!): I do get, on average, 8 hours a night... BUT I awake feeling drowsy and just wanting more.

Maybe I dream too vigourously.

Or maybe I just rather become a hunk of flesh ensconced in my duvet cloud...


Thanks heaps for your story, B! :)

2- Boris Anthony

my pleasure. :)

my friend Lisa commented via ICQ: "you don't wanna get up because you hate your job". This is not true per se. Though it was 100% true last spring (during the height of turmoil in my soul), my attitude towards my employer now is near total ambivalence. I do the bit they need me to do and in the meantime I will build my projects and do my research and write my ... papers?

yeah. ;)