December 3, 2002 12:32 | Bits


I was asked this morning what my favorite {something} is. Thought about it for all of 10 seconds and realised that I don't have a favorite anything.

10 more seconds and I came up with these thoughts:
- too much good stuff around and so, invariably, too many "candidates".
- I enjoy most of what this world has to offer. I tend to see *some* good in everything. Sure there are some things I still "like" "more" than others, but that's normal right?
- Doesn't calling something your favorite tend to preclude you from enjoying/liking other things of similar ilk? "Try the red bean ice cream!" "But I must have vanilla! It's my favorite!" (This kind of exchange makes me ill.)
- "by calling one jewel a favorite you deny yourself all the others."

On the other hand:
- there is nothing I utterly and totally dislike either. hmm, dislike may be wrong word because whil eyes there are some things I am not particularily keen on, i can see how they may be appealing to others, or at the limit accept that others may like this.
- "Nothing is so bad but thinking makes it so."

Argh. I just realised something. This may be directly related to the maddening tailspins I put myself into once I am in "serious relationships"... "I do love you my dear! But... but... that girl over there is soooo pretty!"

Sigh. Better straighten this one out before I make another mess.