December 4, 2002 12:27 | Bits

GUI design and dumplings

Here I am agonising over how to present the reeeeaaams of data the engineers want to display on the "wireless bridge stats" screen of our product's web-based GUI (which I am the Lord and Master of, thank you very much).. and all i can think of is the little dumpling restaurant I visited 2 weeks ago on Spadina in Toronto's Chinatown.

$2.50 for enough Won-Ton soup for 3 people! $3.50 for 12 pork and bok-choi steamed dumplings! (Gyoza to the japanese... they tasted just like the ones my ex used to make ... sigh...)

Has anybody been to the dumpling place on St-Laurent? The one between Pine and Prince-Arthur.. across from Go-go Lounge... Actually i think there may be 2 or 3 in that one block span... Sigh... maybe I'll venture down and give 'em a shot tonight (before heading to YULBlog, of course...).