December 4, 2002 15:45 | Sing-along

On crack and it's only wednesday...

pee! eye! zee zee eye! see ay tee oh 5!
pee! eye! zee zee eye! see ay tee oh 5!
pee! eye! zee zee eye! see ay tee oh 5!

and while on the theme of japanese musical genius, check out Cornelius... one of my all time favorite musicians ever ever ever.

Also I find this VERY intriguing. Kahimi Karie is also a favorite of mine. She has performed music with Philippe Katerine (She did "Jamais je n'ai dit que je t'aimerai toujours, oh mon amour" on that album, and he produced her album K.K.K.K.K., but I digress...)

It is interesting because she has also done alot of stuff with one MOMUS, a man who collaborated with Bran Van 3000 on their last album. In fact at the time he did so, he was in town on his North American tour with Kahimi... So this album cover is clearly a reference to BV3000's first album cover (Glee), or more specifically a combination of the cover (the bunny) and a special connect the dots insert it came with.

Also super cool is Takako Minekawa's Cloudy Cloud Calculator.

(Interesting aside.. i just messed up an amazon search for bran van and it recommended Takako Minekawa and Cornelius! hahahahahaha.. weird...)