December 17, 2002 12:18 | Bits

Oh damn.. somebody stop me...

Somebody remind me how utterly financially irresponsible it would be of me to go and buy an iBook right now.

or a T68i.

Argh!!! Damn you hyperconsumerism!!!


if you buy either a iBook or a T68i (or both?!), first sell you iPod and your MiniDisk player/recorder ;)

how about your car?

anyway, I should shaddup. i just bought a complete new sport suspension for my car and a sweet Athlon XP-powered Linux server ;)

oh well. at least i'll have a merry xmas ;)

2- Boris Anthony

mais non! voyons!

the iPod is needed for listenign to tunes in the car (no way am I plugging an iBook in!)

the minidisk ain't worth more than $100 these days and besides I use it for recording stuff.

Did you NEED a new sport suspension? Your car or your rallye car?

Oh I'll have a merry xmas... as merry as a ton of liquor will get me... hehehehe

ah ah!

ouin .. would be great if Apple integrates a microphone in the next version of the iPod. most people want this kind of feature.

and yes, i NEEDED a new suspension for my rally car; it totally jammed! no joke!


4- Boris Anthony

I want my iPod and my cellphone to be one. And I want it to be useable via voice commande. I want it to take dictation.


5- semi-dry alluvian deposit

I want I want I want ... d00d! ... you going a bit crezzy with the xmas thing aren't you. But, seeing as this is the general topic of conversation ... I will add that IPOD's need both a microphone and should ditch the contacts thing ... whats the point of that anyway? I agree with you B, in that there should be a phonepod ("Ppod?"), then the contact thing would make sense. After all, we have our contacts on our phones anyway and you cannot update the ones on yer pod unless you plug it into yer "pute" ... likewise the calendar thingy. I cannot update it when I am on the road, therefore, it is nearly completely useless (another task which is taken care of by my phone). Bring on the microphone ... that would rock!

6- Boris Anthony

I haven't bought a single thing for xmas. And don't take my "I want I want" as balls out consumerism either. Just stating what I'd like to see happen.

On that note, visit

Look familiar? ;)