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Technorati: Sidebar

Technorati: Sidebar

When you find an interesting site or blog, simply cut-and-paste the URL into the Technorati sidebar, and get an up-to-date list of blogs that link to that URL. It's like getting instant reviews and commentary on what's going on on the web.

Brilliant. Think "authority gauge".

Consider this:
A blogger writes an entry about subject X. 100 people read it. 10 of those people link to it from their blog. You come along and see this entry. You want to know what degree of credibilty it has ("authority"). By using the Technorati "Cosmos" service, you can see the 10 links that previous readers established.

Granted, a link is non-qualificative: i.e. a link doesn't mean the linker agrees or disagrees. It is up to you to follow th elink and see what the linker thinks. This analoguous to any healthy social system where you learn with experience. Consulting others' expepriences ads to yours, etc... It's very organic.

It's aliiiive!!!


haven't been able to load the page .. but sounds similar to google's "who links to you?" technology:

2- Boris Anthony

It is the same basic idea. Except that technorati tracks only blogs, so it contributes to the blog ecosystem's growth. Being specialized liek this allows it to stay fresh and top of things, whereas Google's index is only updated every few weeks, technorati's databases are updated in real time, as blogs are published. This is the greatness of RSS and blogging. Real time.. throbbing brain.

baboum.. baboum...baboum...

Hmmm, if you're having trouble loading up the Technorati site, please let me know ( with the date and time that you couldn't get on. We're always interested in improving the experience of the site.