December 23, 2002 11:47 | Bits

How to Ruin American Enterprise


Stein's half-right with his commentary, which seems less about American business and more a general rant on Everything I Deplore About Young People. Stein, the New Conservative ex-Nixon speechwriter, makes valid criticisms all around - and I guess he's entitled not to offer a solution - but the one unifying item that underlines all of his complaints is money, i.e. the lack of funds to give every American kid a liberal arts education, funding for FTC-style watchdog agencies, etc. etc. - all of which starts with a decent tax base. Consecutive conservative governments have offered popular tax cuts and budget-slashing moves, and artificial economic growth through defense spending. If Stein really wants to fix America, he should have the honesty to look Americans in the eye and say, "We can fix it, but it's gonna cost you." Otherwise, he's just as irresponsible as the morbidly obese cheeseburger-chompers he decries.

2- Boris Anthony

As one who rarely offers "constructive" criticism myself, I don't feel Stein needs to offer a solution. There is nothing wrong with pointing out something is wrong and not having or venturing a solution. If anything, amercian journalists should stay away from offering advice anyways.

Here's an idea: respected journalists and media outlets point out the problem, the people become aware of them and act, electing responsible government and supporting responsible business. But that's not happening... not nearly enough. Instead, the american public is spoon fed garbage and loving it.

That said, the situation as it stands in america is too far gone, IMHO, for constructive criticism What a ridiculous PC concept to begin with since it is invariably met with just so much lip-service... and when "mere" criticism is served you get comments such as you, AJ, just left: "sure, maybe there is a problem but who are you to point it out, without any suggestions... " Sort of like "if you're so smart, why don't you fix it?" Sounds pretty damn childish to me.

Plus, pointing out other factors from the past is not any more helpful. "Aren't you th eon ewho did this and this? Who are you to pipe up now with criticism?" Nice! That's called censoriship you know.

Stein is right on the money and he doesn't need to hold anybody's hand. Yes the american people can fix it, and they alone have that power. Will they? Surely. Great change requires great upheaval though and at this point I don't see a groundswell of american revolutionairies, especialley when most americans are delusionally content with the mess they are in.

And yes of course the underlying theme is money! America is ALL about money. It is it's nec plus ultra, it's raison d'├Ętre. Life is money! What tripe... and oh what a dirty dirty mess.