January 4, 2003 19:43 | Bits

And now this...

I've been very quiet lately. Languishing in a limboish haze of holiday partying and extreme procrastination. The site I've been obsessing over for the last 2 to 3 months is ever so near to completion, and has been a painful exploration of XHTML and CSS layout. While all this web-standards stuff is brilliant, I fear that the browsers are still our enemies.

Enough of that for now.

It seems my refridgerator is about to render it's ghost. It cackles every 2 minutes, trying in vain to start the compressor, and feeding my anxiety in the process. Will I have to miss a day of work to get a repairman? Or to find a replacement and wait for delivery? I surely won't buy a brand new one. A trip to the east-end seems inevitable.

Feeling like I fall in that specific demographic - late 20's early 30's and tired of finding nothing more than flights of fancy in the local club/bar scene - i imagined as I napped this afternoon what a personal ad of mine may read like...

"Summer is sexy, autumn is sexier"
"What we do with technology is cool, what technology does with us is cooler.

"Age: physically: 28, otherwise: anywhere from 5 to 60, depending on any number of factors."
"Height, weight, build: 5'11", 160lbs, straddling the fine line of average and in-shape.

"Why you should get to know me: Because on bad days I may force you to re-examine everything you ever held to be just and true, while on good days I may just smile and nod. We should all have the luxury to be aware of our illusions and to have hand-picked our delusions."

"I am looking for: Someone who is detached enough from the world to walk through it unscathed. Someone who agrees that integrity and respect are at the core of everything... and can live with the fact that most people don't. Someone who doesn't need me in order to be happy, but is damn glad I am around. Someone who is intelligent, beautiful and sexy... and knows it, but not more."

Should I mention I may be a social alcoholic and/or manic-depressive, or neither...

The fridge goes into the final rattles of it's demise: the dripping of the now de-icing freezer draws out the plans for my sunday afternoon. Damn.

1- Boris Anthony


heu... merci? ;)

Ouais, le frigo est officiellement mort... je dois aller m'en trouver un nouveau aujourd'hui. Ouan. Comme si je n'avais pas autre choses a faire...

The real question is: will you publish a photo? ;-)