January 7, 2003 01:07 | Bits


I just finished watching the last installment of "Tuning In: 50 years on the CBC" (http://www.cbc.ca/tv50th/tuningin/index.html) hosted by that guy there... whatshisname... Rick Mercer, right. Realy quite enjoyable! I even felt nostalgic... and proud! That's saying alot for me, actually. National pride is something I eshew almost fervently.

Anyways, in the last few minutes of this last episode they of course spoke of very recent things. Coverage of 9/11. I have 2 reactions to WTC stuff: "ugh" and a sudden overwhelming urge to cry. VERY odd since I watched the real thing live, and much of the subsequent coverage without ANY emotional reaction really, mainly due to the overly.. hmm how do I put this sensitively? "mooshy" and nationalistic formatting. (However when objective reporting of the human factors of the event were shown, I was also overcome with the desire to cry.. which I remember at the time blew my mind because I am not generally affected by human tragedy.. dunno why...)

They did not stay on that topic for long - though the lump had already formed in my throat. They quickly segued to the 2002 Winter Olypic games in Salt Lake City (the segue taking form in the parading of the amercian flag that had flow at WTC Plaza). Now here is what blew my mind even more: they spoke, of course, of the double gold for men's and women's hockey which we canadians won. I burst out into tears! Total basket case! Why is this strange? 1- I could not care less about hockey, 2- i could not care less about Olympic gold and 3- national pride isn't, as previously stated, a very big thing chez moi. I don't know what to make of it, and honestly don't particularily care to do so.. I mean make something something of it. Just recording for posterity I guess. ;)

I then switched over to watch Charlie Rose. Always interesting.

Tomorrow night (2003-01-07) on PBS: Kofi Annan - Center of the storm. Hopefully I'll remember to watch it. From the preview, I can say there is a slight chance that Mr. Annan uses an Apple Titanium PowerBook. Aw yeah. ;)


last night's TV: me playing Rez on PS2. Ultimately, much more fulfilling :)

I do get misty-eyed over the Golden Age of Canadian Television, or at least the tail end of it that I grew up with in the 1970s. Mostly I remember Sunday nights at my grandparents' place in Chomedey, watching The Beachcombers (typical plot: kid gets stranded on island, island catches on fire, Nick and Jesse run around yelling "Nick! Where are you?" "Jesse? Where are you?" and then someone entreats Relic to grudgingly lend them his jet boat so they could all be rescued) which would then lead into the Wonderful World of Disney. And then of course, The Good Old Hockey Game. As viewed on a 1960s giant-piece-of-faux-colonial-furniture console television with tube electronics and the sweetest, deepest sound I have ever heard, when they sang O Canada at the start of the game, you could not help but feel patriotic....

2- Boris Anthony

WOLA! You have Rez?! Did it come with the vibrator?!


You know... Beachcombers... I remember we used to sort of watch it... but it was more like the TV was on in the family room in preparation for Wonderful World of Disney. I remember Beachcombers not anything about it or any episode...

Then again I don't have much categorised memories of my childhood.

Tears, hey? My brother-in-law (and more and more men I know in their late thirties), a very down to earth kind of guy, claim that men go through emotional cycles, not unlike the PMS stuff a lot of women experience.

I have certainly been around guys who would get mad for no reason, only to start getting teary eyed on me a few minutes later. The day after, everything was fine, and they couldn't explain why they acted that way.


I like it when men act like women. Then I get to say, with a very cold and impatient tone: What's with you? Prostate buggin you or something?

uh, no vibrator :| But I suppose the Dual Shock could, certainly be....modified :)

It's a simple game, stunning visuals, and requires way more strategy than you'd think for a shooter-on-rails. The way they integrated and synchronized the music to every action on screen is stunning....And they licensed some very cool trance tunes for it which you can now get on CD.

5- Boris Anthony

Dang. I haven't touched a video game since SuperMarioBros2 on Nintendo... well over 10 years ago, and even then I only played once in a while when I was really REALLY bored.

But I think they've finally achieved a level realism, or are getting close enough now, for it to be mildly interesting... Perhaps I should grab a PS2... Hrm...

The prices are low and there are a zillion games out there, plus it plays most PS1 games, too. *and* it's a fairly spiffy DVD player, although certain discs cause it to choke. It even has its own Linux developer's kit (!). Built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 with optical out for your surround system...

...but of course, it's the games that make it worthwhile. From what I've played (adventures, platform, RPG, etc.) there are a huge number of quality PS2 games out there. I check the review sites like AdrenalineVault and IGN.com for the latest news...