January 22, 2003 13:49 | Bits


Watched "p" for the second time last night...

"Eleven seventeen, note to self:
<strumming lips> WOOLOOWOOLOOWOOLOO</strumming lips>"

Still unimpressed with this movie. Bad acting throughout (except for that main Hassid character), overly dramatic, and I take issue with the further stereotyping of highly intelligent people as mentally defective.

Seeing nature for what it is is not insanity inducing in all cases.



Pi was navel-gazing crap. Aronofsky redeemed himself with "Requiem for a Dream."

2- Boris Anthony

hrm.. while surely cinematographically interesting, I'd say "Requiem" is also navel-gazing crap... "Hey let's show how wikkid cool extreme drug-addiction really is!".

A culture based on self-cannibalisation and indulgence is not only putrid and terminally boring, but eventually also implodes.