January 25, 2003 11:44 | Bits

I killed my Safari

A friend wondered if it was possible to have Safari's built in google search do it's thing on google.ca instead of google.com.
So I searched the contents of the Safari package, found the instances of google.com in "/Safari/contents/MacOS/Safari" and replaced them with google.ca.

It no liked that. Safari wouldn't launch at all. Undid the change. Safari would bounce twice and crash.

Sigh. Downloaded a fresh copy. All's well again.

The moral: no google.ca searching from the menu bar. Though they probably should make that a configurable option: select which localised version of google the user wants to use...


By default, Google.ca searches the main Google space though, and doesn't default to listing Canadian sites, so there'd be no point to searching google.ca I don't think. The only benefit would be to see keywords purchased by Canadian, not American, companies.

2- Boris Anthony

true. was worth a try though... ;)