January 30, 2003 00:20 | Bits


I got a letter today from the Internet Search Registry.

A *real* letter, as in "in an enveloppe, with a stamp in my mailbox"

It's not a letter so much as it is a "bill", or rather, in the words I can already here them using to describe it, "a convenient way to subscribe to our service". Looks just like a telephone or cable bill.
They want $100, righ there right now, to submit my site to the search engines.

"- Draw qualified new visitors to your web site"
"- Extremely cost effective"
"- Let the search engines do the work for you"

These are bold statements. Especially for something as touchy as search engine ranking. What stikes me especially about this letter though that they make it so "easy" to send them $100, but nowhere offer any proof of legitimacy, accountablilty, etc... They don't even ask yu to open an acocunt of some sort... It's literally: "hey send us a hundred bucks! Why not?"

Anyways, i will certainly use the included return enveloppe, but no money or payment stub will accompany it. A nice hand written note will they recieve.

The gist of the note? "You must be joking."