February 5, 2003 10:16 | Confession


I decided to actually get to work on time today. So I stumbled out of the house, half asleep. I picked my clothes, half asleep. Half asleep, I thought I could wear this t-shirt one... more... day.


Thankfully, I don't deal with people too closely. Or at all really. :)

1- Boris Anthony

me: "erm yeah I need to go home"
boss: "how come?"
me: "well.. it's..."
boss: "everything ok?"
me: "well yeah.. you see.. it;s just..."
boss: "what?"
me: "I stink. my t-shirt stinks.. I can't stand it anymore... I smell like fucking curry... I just need to go home and change.. take another shower..."
boss: "ah.. i see..."
me: "you do understand..."
boss: "well.. what's wrong with curry?"
me: "... ... ..."

What IS wrong with curry?