February 5, 2003 13:03 | Bits

Silly goose

While at the faubourgh Ste-Catherine yesterday afternoon, I bought some ham. Or so I thought.

After paying for the "ham", I walked over to the SAQ ("Société des Alcools de Québec" - government body that sells all booze here) to get some wine. Looking at the Australians (Lindemans Bin 50, Shiraz... Mmmmm...), I hear a faint "Sir? Uh.. Sir!?" The girl who had served me the ham.

Turns out she charged and gave me the wrong package. In my bag I had sliced turkey breast. We check the label quickly; indeed! Ok, let me buy these two bottles of wine and I'll come right back over to the deli to straighten this out.

So we straighten it out. I get the other package, marked "Jambon de Paris", and she gets her turkey (apparently she had cut it for herself as she was getting off work soon).

So here I am at work... with my Delba Pumpernickle, my chunk of Edam cheese... and 100g of sliced smoked turkey breast. (in a package with a sticker that clearly says Jambon de Paris...)

I'm not complaining mind you... just funny. :)


I don't know Boris, but this sounds to me like a very good excuse from a girl who really wanted to see you again. Men never think we use those tricks as much as they do. Have you checked for a phone number on the package? ;-)

2- Boris Anthony

Hmmm.. Hadn't thought of that, and you know why? Because she really was SO embarassed and freaked out. about it. Had it been a ploy, I promise you I would have been onto it immediatly. Such things are done with a glint of mischief in one's eye: a slight knowing wink, letting you in on the joke.

This was no joke. She was really really apologetic...

Nice thought though. It'd be a first. I generally have a very intimidating presence (or so I have been told) and nobody's ever been moved to do such a thing... ;)

You? Intimidating?

4- Boris Anthony

Yeah.. Silly isn't it !?