February 11, 2003 23:18 | NewsPundit

Not just Iraq

The current Republican White House of George Dubya isn't just being stupid about Iraq. Of course this is nothing surprising really, considering.

Take a look at this insanity:

  • "US Isolated at Population Conference over Its Anti-Abortion Stand"

  • "US Anti-Abortion Stand Under Fire at UN Meeting in Bangkok"

  • "US Stance on Abortion and Condom Use Rejected at Population Conference"

  • "U.S. Eases Drug-Patent Rules"

  • "United States Holds Out on How to Give Poor Nations Access to Affordable Drugs"
  • And then, just as Bush announces almost $15 billion for AIDS research funding for Africa and the Caribbean, we hear this:

  • "Iraq War Would Quash Efforts to Fight AIDS, UN Africa Envoy Says"
  • Can't seem to do anything right, this boy.