February 14, 2003 22:57 | Confession

A startling realisation

I've always known this inherently of course, which is always the case I suppose. It has however just popped full center in my awareness: I am too physically lazy to write. Be it code or other stuff, I, without fail, trip up when it comes time to record textually.

Pen and paper are frustrating for I can never write as fast as I think. By trying to keep up, the output is invariably nearly illegible. Also pen and paper don't afford the easy and clean editing that one becomes accustomed to from using a keyboard.

Oh and the keyboard. Let's just say my typing skills are classifiable as "accelerated hunt and peck", at best. Sheesh.

It's the "thinking faster than I can output" part that is frustrating. (I must say that I know full well that I am not alone in this... I'm sure we ALL think faster than we can output.)

Sitting here working (coding PHP) I find myself stopping all the time... sitting and staring, wishing I could just "brain dump" onto the screen. This is why I also spend waaaay too much time thinking about such things as voice dictation systems et al. I've written about all that here before.

I mean really there is NO reason why my cellphone shouldn't be able to function as a voice capture device which streams it through a dictation software and then pops it into my personal CMS/FileSystem...


Till then, a huntin' and a peckin' I will go...