February 17, 2003 18:04 | Bits

Charlie Clements, MD: A Report from Iraq

Bombing the Starving, Sick & Homeless

Mark Federman, of the McLuhan Program at U of T, commented as follows:

His Report from Iraq is both heart-wrenching and serves as a dire warning to the Western World about the Reversal effects we can expect once the U.S. bombs start falling. From the letter: "we may well unleash forces of hatred and resentment that will haunt us for decades to come in every corner of the world. I can just hear Osama Bin Laden saying now, "Please President Bush, attack Iraq. There's nothing better you could do to help the cause of Al Qaeda!"" If you read anything about the current world crisis this week, read the article.

1- Reinhardt Van Dyke

Many thanks for publishing Charlie Clement's "A Report from Iraq." What a visionary! Much of what he predicted, based on cirucumstances he experienced first-hand just before the war, has come to pass. Despite the strong numbers of Amnericans, and others around the globe, who protested US intervention in Iraq, the predicted terror, torture, and devastation have taken place. And, it only worstens each day!

As Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), I am delighted to report that Charlie Clements was recently appointed as the President/CEO of our organization which has been fighting social injustice and ensuring human rights both here and abroad since 1939. We look forward to Charlie leading us with an even stronger and higher voice for human rights in the future. With his leadership skills, I am certain that we all will hear much more about UUSC's efforts in the years to come.

For more information about the UU Service Committee, go to www.uusc.org.

With all best wishes,

Reinhardt Van Dyke, CSW
UUSC Board of Trustees