February 20, 2003 23:25 | Confession



Well sort of. I can't believe I forgot until now... almost midnight and passed the date.

My father passed away today four years ago after a heart attack put him in a coma for 3 days.

He was a wonderful man. He taught me the basic things about life that I would need to know, without saying a word. By being honest, kind and generous he instilled in me a deep need to be those things as well.

He certainly is sorely missed.


2- Boris Anthony

thanks :)

Ce sont des anniversaires étranges, comme un moment d'arrèt dans une vie qui bouge trop vite.

Vous avez des traits de famille très prononcés...

4- Boris Anthony

Certes, pour ce soir, un arrèt un peu trop abrupte. But then again, my father is always with me, in more ways than that sentimental expression can explain. You see, my father had a successful architectural lighting company. His works surround me when I venture downtown and various locations around the city... The green lampadairs at the Faubourgh Ste-Catherine, the white globe-clusters in the interior courtyard of Place Ville Marie... Not to get to cheesy with it, but you could say... ahem.. "he lights my way"... :)

Re: lignes de famille: Hahaha, oui nous nous ressemblons tous. Pour les gars c'est pas si pire... les pauvres filles par exemple... oof