February 23, 2003 18:52 | Bits

Snow day


I don't know how much fell but it hasn't stopped since last night.

Shoveling this out will take upwards of a half an hour, at least.

It'll wait till tomorrow: from experience I know that the snowplows will come by at least once more before I head off for work tomorrow. If I shovel now, I'll just have to do it again tomorrow.

Sure is pretty though. :)

1- Boris Anthony

45 minutes.
The scraper on my scraper broke off, which made things lots of fun (think 2mm of bulletproof ice ove the whole car...).

Oh and after freeing it I noticed a fluorescent yellow stain under where the front end of the car had been. Now either she's not housebroken, or I'm leaking anti-freeze. Yay.