February 25, 2003 12:48 | URLs

Speaking of Nobel...

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Ignoble peace prize

Given the fact that previous nominees include Adolf Hitler and Henry Kissinger, can anyone take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously, asks Paul Hamilos

Which word connects Bono, the European Union, Jacques Chirac and George Bush? Peace, apparently. It has been announced that they have all been nominated, by the rather convoluted method by which these things are done, for this year's prize.

Bono? Sure! He's the only one of that lot who actually qualifies!


Walk on, Sir Bono! Walk on! How can they not honor the very man who exchanged his smoked glasses for the pope's baise-main? Them with their holy books, while the rest of us choke! Bloody right, they should give it to him instead of the other macaques! Kissinger? Bush? .... Fuck, don't get me started! ;)

So, like, what exactly are you saying? I mean, it IS the American Music Awards, isn't it? Hehehehe.