March 17, 2003 16:18 | Confession

I need to go

I can barely stand it anymore.. or is it just today?
I need to find a way that will allow me to be on my way.
What will I do?
I don't know.
Where will i go?
Well, let's start here:
- New York - London - Paris - Munich - Berlin - Wien - Milano - Roma - Istambul - Smyrna - Jerusalem - Baghdad (too late...) - Bombay - Ha Noi - Hong Kong - Tokyo - Sydney - Wellington - La Paz - Sao Paolo - Brazilia - Rio De Janeiro - Caracas - San Francisco - Vancouver



Where do you want to go?


All of the above.

Why isn't Melbourne on your list, hmmmmm? ;)

But most important than that....

WHY, I said, why La Saussaye is not your on list!!!!

Right now, I'm just trying to finish what I'm doing for an early April deadline, and I hope for a little escape in La Havane...

Next trip (next year?) Sydney, most likely. Then Vietnam would be great.