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<<What are your thoughts on Lily Chou-Chou?>>

<< [[ some thoughts about the movie "All About Lily Chou Chou" ]] >>

<<Erm... Not sure... I found it very difficult to follow (who is who, who does what, what are the relationships between the characters... When is what happening...), which is disconcerting in itself since my own life is really quite limbo-esque, meandering between "reality" and the inside of my head. I also found it extremely maddening.. The things these kids do to each other without anybody ever doing anything about it. Made me want to get up and scream a few times.>>

<<What I liked the most was some of the most awesome cinematographic "shots" I've seen in a looong time, and, though it was motion sickness inducing at times, I appreciated the use of the homevideocam for parts of the film. All in all, it's very modern and cool and all. I did enjoy it, but it left me in a quite emotionally perturbed state... >>

<<From: Bopuc>>


<< It's all about FOAF >>
<< FOAF has no need to be true, it's an entity by itself. FOAF is the truth >>

<< When I discovered FOAF, the world has changed and its meaning. >>
<< FOAF doesn't have to be explained. It is! >>

<< From:Wanda >>

Ah... Oooohhhh... Hadn't let it sink to THAT level... Capice!

Arigato goza i mas!

<< Escape is a world outside your own ... >>
<< hence the Ether exists, as a place where other things are not >>
<< even if it is only a mere definition. >>

<< My mother is a teacher (I was a teacher and once a student) ... it's not "these kids" to me ... >>
<< it is real. >>

<< From: steph >>