April 28, 2003 16:37 | Culture

The day the music ...

Well, Apple announced it's online music store, which will spark at least one cultural phenomenon and feed another: iTunes Store Sample surfing, and one-stop-free-shop for mashmixers looking for samples. Yay!!!

On another note, Madonna had the cojones to go and have her record company try to flood the file-sharing networks with a recording of her saying "What the fuck do you think you're doing?. I take issue with this in a way different than some: Profanity. Those of you know me as The Sailor are probably scratching your heads... ;)

Madonna's little voice clip is really quite scary. If I had a woman standing in front of me say that in that tone, I would be frightened. Now if we keep in mind that a huge majority of "music pirates" are kids/adolescents, and that realisitically Madonna fans are predominantly female prebubescents, I ask you: does America need this cunt to go and swear so viciously at it's children?

Hey, Madonna... Dontcha think you have way more than enough money? What don't you shut your fat fucking face already and disappear. Instead of being a greedy, power-hungry Cruella-type bitch, why dontcha do some good. If ya can't, vamoos!

Ahem yes so anyways, just on principle, if there ever were to arise such a situation where I may be incited to pay money for anything Madonna related, I promise I won't. I trust many in Internet-land will do the same.


I have to say, i think the best thing about the new iTunes is the ability to listen to other people's music. I haven't yet tried it outside our local network, but i was streaming songs off my buddy's computer all day long and he didn't notice a thing! Karma-share baby!

2- Boris Anthony


Keep in mind that you can also download any one of a handful of apps which will record any audio played back through your system's sound out... Ahem...


Thank you Apple for not going the full DRM route! :)