May 25, 2003 16:01 | WebBlogging

Precisely my cunundrum

Wired 11.06: Mind Share

Your mind becomes a part of the space as well. Your own personal site becomes an extension of your memory, as in Vannevar Bush's vision of the Memex, but your memories also become part of the Web's collective intelligence.

I am finding it harder and harder to differentiate my brain from the extended one (the web). So much of my memory now is linked to (or points to) "places" on the web, that when I am not "online" I feel diminished in many ways.

I don't know where in "the real world" that restaurant you told me about is... but I sure know where I can find it online in under 15 seconds...

"Oh I have an interesting tidbit of information pertaining to what you just said... oh wait... what was it again... I found it through that site the other day.. the URL is http://... damn... "

Augmented memory. Cyborg. Hello.


speaking of mindshare, wanted to let you know about another deconcert, info,
where audience members will use their minds to
affect the instruments being played by live muscians.
toronto experimental music