June 7, 2003 17:20 | WebBlogging

Email: natural interface for weblogging?

Thinking about setting up my moblog for my trip to Japan, I immediately thought that I'd have to troubleshoot the setup. Seeing as I don't have a cellphone with e-mailing capabilities, let alone built-in camera, i wondered if Joi's moblog python script can handle email sent from a regular MUA (mail user agent). Theoretically, yes of course.

Then I smacked my head. "Of course, this must be one of the reasons Karl is interested in Joi's script!" I remember a few months back listening to Karl talk about the difficulties of maintaining a blog via email. Myself I am not worried about edits and such (maintenance) but merely posting.

So, to do: set up a test blog and start using Entourage to post blog entries.

This is kinda interesting to me because I'm feeling limited as it is with the current blog posting/editing interfaces I am using... MT's admin site is great except I have to click around alot to get stuff done, and copy and paste URLs and hand code links etc. Kung-Log is nice but it's been acting very bad lately - it for some reason converts the opening brackets in any HTML I insert into ascii.. which I then have to go clean up, by hand, via MT. So basically, it's become useless. Also, Safari doesn't like MT's Bookmarklets so quick blogging of links is out of the question. Sparkign anothe rbrowser and then copy and pasting the URL an dthen hittign the bookmarlet sorta defeats the purpose... Ah well...

So yeah, on with it eh...


hi there,
i'm was very interested in your comments about mobloging, i was wandering if the Joi's script has any tutorials etc, I'm wanting to set up a moblog for the first time, and need some pointers;-) i'm wanting to use a linux box i have;-) There seems to be a lot of different ways of going about it, but i'm finding it hard to find the best solution.

Eventually i'm wanting to do video blogging, but at the momment there doesn't seem that option, I want to pull it into a flash file evenutally, which i can do if i can it onto a server remotely, but need to get it to the server remotely, doh, python seems like the right way,

kind regards