June 26, 2003 20:37 | Stories

First leg

See picture gallery!

Departure from Montreal delayed 2 hours. Means little for me: it was either sit for 3 hours in Detroit or in Montreal.

Just before boarding I see Maria, whom I know from CEGEP days. She's ended up in LA, being a movie star and writing scripts for Hallmark "movies-of-the-week". Bravo!

Flight starts off with worst turbulence I've ever experienced, and this DC-9 isn't in nearly as good shape as the flying trashcan my mother and I hopped from Cozumel to Cancun in when I was five.

Landing momentarily in Detroit, Motor City.

Ok. 14 hours in a plane is NOT fun. Not getting to sleep makes it worse. Bad bad bad Hollywood movies makes you think of pulling the emergency doors and jumping out.

Arrived at Narita. Falling asleep. Been awake for 48hours. Train ride to Tokyo is beautiful though overcast. Sitting beside me is Ken, a 32 year old frozen food production company employee. His english is perfect though he refuses to admit it ("oh no! my english is terrrrrible..." Buddy said my name perfectly the first time; an erswhile achievement for native japanese speakers...). We talk about shu mai, gyoza, his wife and the three massages he just got while on business in Thailand.

Tokyo stattion. Taxi. Lost driver. Jim and Yuka, super nice! Dinner in Shibuya. Head is spinning.. must sleeep!!! :)


that's great! i hear ya!
i get so excited to get into your journal.
firstable, it's not what i can do in my life you know. secondable, i'm very curious how you express your story in the window like that.
i will be a big fan of this. i don't know, i write blah, blah, blah----with anything mean it you wouldn't get but it's okey-! i have terrible writing skills and i' m easy to get lost in my writing. but i love someone to share thire experience.
keep going boris!

bisou from montreal

nice one matey,

just to let u know we all had a drink in yer honour at blizzies tonight. Oh and I bumped into Roland, apparently we are on for Berlin when you get back!

Go mighty Gaijin go!