June 27, 2003 05:47 | Confession

In the stars? What?

My horoscope in Metropolis/Japan Today states:


Your mind may revel in the many twists and turns it needs to make this week. Friday and Saturday, the influence of the Moon wakes up your spirit. The sleeping gypsy inside you asks you to express your creativity. This can happen in many formsófrom sports to dance, to baking bread. Youíll know youíve hit on the right formula when you no longer feel hungry or empty inside. Mars conjunct Uranus is fantastic for romance. Donít miss it!

Zing! Excuse me?!


Maybe I misunderstood this ...
"sleeping gypsy inside you" wow I never heard it called that before.

As for "Uranus is fantastic for romance" ... well I like to keep my nose clean so I am keeping it out of Uranus - ew!