June 30, 2003 06:45 | Travel

Damn, damn, damn, damn...

Damn 1- Never leave wandering without my compass. I walked for 30 minutes, hungry, thirsty and sweating, in the wrong direction.

Damn 2- Cold sake REALLY messes me up. Whoohooo!

Damn 3- Never leave wandering without my phrasebook. How do you say "water please?" in Japanese?

Damn 4- The women in Kyoto beat the women in Tokyo hands down. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Oh and Damn #5: an old white Saab 900 nearly killed me crossing the street just now. A sign? And if so, what does it mean?


It means too much cold sake!

This picture is a little too meta for me:


I'm going to sit in a corner and close my eyes until my brain returns to its normal working temperature.


3- Boris Anthony

Hehehe. The waitresses laughed as they brought me the little little bottle. 1/2 way through I couldn't see anymore...

Steven: you HAVE to go to Akihabra some day. that screen was hooked up to the smallest video surveilance camera you've ever seen. They had the smallest everything you have ever seen...

Ahem...cough cough...

Exactly HOW do the women in Kyoto beat Tokyo women? Explain yourself, please. Spend 5 minutes in Ginza then tell me Tokyo women don't do it for you...

5- Boris Anthony

It's not a question of "Tokyo women not doing it for me". There are beautiful women everywhere in the world. In Tokyo, out of sheer math, yes, there are gazillions. But I'd say percentage wise, there were more in Kyoto... that's all I am saying.. it's a ratio thing.

Besides, was just saying. It means nothing... ;)