July 20, 2003 22:12 | Bits

Sunday stroll

(Bain Lesvèque - Rue Marianne Est - Built in 1908, or so it says.)

I took a walk this afternoon through the eastern part of The Plateau. It's an area I have been driving through every Sunday for the last few years to go do groceries. Today I walked it.

The area east of Rue Berri, along Rue Marianne, is really nice. I mean "I should live here" nice.

After picking up seasame seeds, a cantaloup, a quarter watermelon and a fair amount more produce, I commenced the stroll back. Heavy plastic bags digging into my palms.

So I decided to stop at a garage sale nearby of which I had been alerted to earlier by a friend. I shared the watermelon with the two pretty vietnamese girls who were trying to sell their old clothes and shoes, and who sheltered me briefly as a light drizzle had started. Thank you Dang & Mai. Here is the $120 cube watermelon I told you about.

Prepared sumonomo for dinner and ended up sharing with Sniffles who graciously shared her veggie curry (and the secret of it's preparation, as wella s how to make a wicked bitters). Mmmm.

A nice, quiet Sunday.


Hehe, there's no secret to the curry :) The bitters, maybe!

You went right by Ed's place (or just about). Stop by next time!
Did you go to La Tomate?

3- Boris Anthony

Arck!! But I dun know where it is?!

No, didn't go into La Tomate. What exactly is it? A grocery store?