August 8, 2003 19:26 | Confession

More dreams

I've dreamt about this day. I've dreamt about this IRC conversation and the phone-call it sparked. I've dreamt about every minute before it and every minute after it.

I've dreamt about the euphoria and anxious anticipation caused by the words exchanged. Just ideas discussed, and opening of doors.

I've dreamt of the floating footsteps as I head outside to clear my head before pull it out of the clouds and plant my soles firmly on the ground.

Opportunity is the usher of our dreams into this theater. Goals are the tickets to the show.


Just remember ...

When you have to choose between the envelope stuffed with cash and what lies behind the mystery door ... never, never, never, choose the door ... the door is an incredibly evil construct designed to tempt the greedy, behind it lies nothing but a small faux-porcelain statuette depicting a slightly obese child and a puppy ... then again ... sometimes its a boat ... no, no, no ... its never a boat ... forget I mentioned the boat ... aargh!

I am pretty sure I had a point ...