August 8, 2003 17:00 | Confession

"My mind is going, Steve..."


"Jetzt wird's haglich" my mother would say. "Now it's getting down to the wire" would be an approximation of the sentiment expressed.

I absolutely must get a notebook computer a.s.a.p. Bouncing between the G4 at work and the one at home is driving me nuts. Not having my online brain synchronized and unified is driving me nuts. Not having something to pour my thoughts into when and as I have them (without having to transcribe or transfer later), is driving me nuts.

Things get forgotten. Tasks never get done. Ideas never get expanded and worse, never get shared. It's driving me nuts.

"So go get one man!"

Heh. Well. 12" Powerbook is too small. Such a small screen would, you guessed it, drive me nuts. 15" TiBook is a lemon and sure to be obsolete (hopefully) in a few weeks time. 17" inch... overkill. Financially and size wise. iBooks would make a good offboard separate entity but why do that when I can just have one Powerbook. Plus the G3 just don't cut it for my needs.

Steve, dammit, get those new 15" out already! I am going NUTS waiting!


As you know, i'm a spoiled 2 monitor boy at work. Yes, a 12" ibook (my home computer) does feel a bit cramped at points (especially with palette heavy apps like dreamweaver / photoshop), but overall, it's the best computer i've ever owned. I love it, and i will never go back to a hulking system at home.

go portable, and don't worry about the screen size.

2- Boris Anthony

Warren, I knoooow! Thou forgetethst I once was portable. "Wallstreet" PowerBook G3.

Two monitors? Spoiled? Try three... 22", 19" AND 17" all at 1600x1200... AND I use virtual desktops. I need space to dream and create!

12" will kill me. Must have at least 15.4" and an external 23" TFT for when I am at my desk. :D

or IMAX.. yeah IMAX would rock. Or a heads up which simulates full spherical 360degree immersion! Ooohhhh!

No, I am perfectly sane... why do you ask? ;)

Oh and Warren.. get blogging dammit!!! And get Michael M blogging! ARGH! ;)

ask you will receive - on the way boys.